Docker image tools


For enabling or disabling services run docker-service enable or docker-service disable inside your Dockerfile:

RUN docker-service enable ssh

This task will also trigger an auto installation if the daemon is not installed.

Available services are specified inside /opt/docker/etc/supervisor.d/.

Common services are:

  • cron
  • dnsmasq
  • postfix
  • ssh
  • syslog


For adding cronjobs the docker-cronjob script can be used in your Dockerfile:

RUN docker-cronjob '* * * * * application /app/cron.php`

Because this comand is run in shell mode make sure you add appropriate quotes to disable wildcard matching.


The docker-provision script crontols the ansible provision system. See provision for more details.

(Will be replaced in future)


Simple but powerfull search&replace and template processing tool for manipulating files inside Docker:

# normal search&replace
go-replace -s VIRTUAL_HOST -r "$VIRTUAL_HOST" daemon.conf

# or with template
go-replace --mode=template daemon.conf.tmpl:daemon.conf

For more informations see documentation inside go-replace repository.