The liquidsoap images are based on webdevops/base with liquidsoap multimedia streaming server with most plugins.

Uses Supervisord

This image is using supervisor and runs the daemon under user application (UID 1000; GID 1000) as default. If the container is started under a different user the daemon will be run under the specified uid.

Docker image tags

Tag Distribution name
latest Based on webdevops/base:latest (Ubuntu)

Environment variables

Base environment variables

Environment variable Description Default
LOG_STDOUT Destination of daemon output empty (stdout)
LOG_STDERR Destination of daemon errors empty (stdout)
SERVICE_CRON_OPTS cron daemon arguments empty (when syslog is used)
SERVICE_DNSMASQ_OPTS dnsmasq daemon arguments empty (when syslog is used)
SERVICE_DNSMASQ_USER dnsmasq effective user root
SERVICE_POSTFIX_OPTS postfix daemon arguments empty (when syslog is used)
SERVICE_SSH_OPTS ssh daemon arguments empty (when syslog is used)
SERVICE_SUPERVISOR_OPTS supervisor daemon arguments empty (when syslog is used)
SERVICE_SUPERVISOR_USER supervisor effective user root
SERVICE_SYSLOG_OPTS syslog daemon arguments empty (when syslog is used)

Liquisoap environment variables

Environment variable Description Default
LIQUIDSOAP_USER Daemon user ID liquidsoap
LIQUIDSOAP_TELNET Open telnet (port 1234) 1 (enabled)
LIQUIDSOAP_SCRIPT Configuration script for liquidsoap /opt/docker/etc/liquidsoap/default.liq
LIQUIDSOAP_TEMPLATE Apply template to config script 1/opt/docker/etc/liquidsoap/default.liq
LIQUIDSOAP_STREAM_INPUT Input stream (eg. icecast) http://icecast:8000/live
LIQUIDSOAP_PLAYLIST_DEFAULT Default stream when no other stream is active audio_to_stereo(single('/opt/docker/etc/liquidsoap/default.mp3'))
LIQUIDSOAP_PLAYLIST_DAY Day input stream/playlist playlist('/opt/docker/etc/liquidsoap/playlist-day.pls')
LIQUIDSOAP_PLAYLIST_DAY_TIMERANGE Timerange for day playlist 4h-2h
LIQUIDSOAP_PLAYLIST_NIGHT Night input stream/playlist playlist('/opt/docker/etc/liquidsoap/playlist-night.pls')
LIQUIDSOAP_PLAYLIST_NIGHT_TIMERANGE Timerange for night playlist 2h-14h
LIQUIDSOAP_OUTPUT Output stream (eg. icecast) output.icecast(%mp3(bitrate=128),host='localhost',port=8000,password='secretpassword',mount='liquidsoap-128',name=META_name,genre=META_genre,url=META_url,description=META_desc,ALL_input)
LIQUIDSOAP_OUTPUT_1LIQUIDSOAP_OUTPUT_20 More output stream lines empty
LIQUIDSOAP_META_NAME Station name Liquidsoap Docker
LIQUIDSOAP_META_GENRE Station genre empty
LIQUIDSOAP_META_URL Station url empty
LIQUIDSOAP_META_DESCRIPTION Station description empty